African White Pearls


Sweet hand rolled pearls of tea from Malawi.

African White Peony


Floral white peony tea from Malawi.

Ancient Green


A green tea that holds history in every sip. Delightful.

Best of Both Worlds


When warmth combines with silky smooth. who says coffee and tea can’t be?

Big Red Robe


Rich, smooth, great history and savory tea.

Black Gold


Enjoy a thick rich mouthful that that leaves you wanting more.

Black tea Bundle


You can’t go wrong with this amzing trio of black teas

Bold Blue


Blue refreshing tea that will surpise you and your friends when it changes colors . Minty and sweet.

Chocolate Besos


Rich and smooth with a kiss of cacao and cocoa.

Gift Box


Enjoy this diverse selection of tea all to yourself or give as a pleasant surprise to a loved one.



African hibiscus hand picked by the smallholders in Malawi

Kenyan Sunrise


The only purple tea in the world mixed with tropical fruits to give you paradise in your cup.

Purple and Bold Blue Bundle


The only Purple Tea in the world bundled with our dreamy Bold Blue.

Purple Tea


Tumoi Purple Tea is grown in the mountains of Kenya. This delicious full-bodied tea is great alone or with a meal and has amazing health benefits.

Purple Tea Bundle


The only Purple Tea in the world bundled with Kenyan Sunrise.

Loose Roobios Tea



If you like citrus you will love this South African rooibos with zest.

Rooibos Bundle


If you like citrus you will love our South African rooibos with zest or try it purely as-is.

Rooibos Galore


If you like citrus you will love this south african rooibos with zest.

Shi Feng Dragonwell


One of the worlds most sought after teas. The true Shi Feng Dragonwell green tea.

White Tea Bundle


Enjoy this beautiful duo of Chinese and African white tea that are certain to please your palate.

Wild Bai Mu Dan


Slurp this sweet delicate tea while enjoying a pleasant aroma.

Yellow silk


Enjoy this mellow, thick mouthfeel with lingering savory notes.