Bold Blue

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Blue refreshing tea that will surpise you and your friends when it changes colors . Minty and sweet.

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Butterfly pea flower, organic lemongrass, organic peppermint, organic chinese black tea, organic mango


Bold Blue is Black tea sourced from China mixed with Butterfly Pea Flower from Thailand. This amazing blends also include dried mangoes, lemongrass, and mint. Your brew will be a dreamy blue from the butterfly pea flower. If you add lemon it will change to a vibrant Fuschia. Enjoy this with friends and family.

Additional information


Herbal, Minty


Low Caffeine


Fresh, Sweet Grassy

Product Amount

2.5 oz.

Serving Amount


Tea Type

Black, Herb

3 reviews for Bold Blue

  1. Matthew Karge

    Love the flavor and the color in my cup. This is my “go to” tea.

    • outwokentea

      I’m so glad you enjoy the tea, Matthew.

  2. Sherry Bohn

    Received this in a gift basket and oh my! I’ve found a new tea to love. Bonus is that it is low in caffeine, no issue with drinking it before bed! The color is so uniquely blue. I need to try some lemon!

    • outwokentea

      Sherry thank you so much for sharing. Im so happy you love the tea. Please do try it with lemon it is even more beautiful to watch the colors change.

  3. Diana

    This tea is beauty to my taste buds. I love it! I discovered it at an outside artisan market in Morris, Illinois, and it is amazing. It is delicious either cold or hot, and it has made a devoted tea drinker out of me. I will definitely replenish when I finish it.

    • outwokentea

      Thank you so much for your kind words. Thank you for sharing your experience and leaving me a great review. I truly appreciate you. Hopefully I will be back soon. Have a great day!

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Brewing Options

There are several ways to brew this tea. Each style brings out different flavors. 

Tea Leaf Icon

Gongfu Brewing

Traditional Chinese Method

Gongfu brewing directions

Tea amount: 5 grams
Water amount and temperature: 6 ounces at 208 degrees
Steeping directions: 10 seconds
Resteeping directions: Resteep several times each infusion adding 10 seconds.


Western Brewing

European Method

Western brewing directions

Tea amount: 1 teaspoon
Water amount and temperature: 6-8 ounces at 208 degrees
Steeping directions: 3-4 minutes
Resteeping directions: 2-3 times each infusion adding 10 seconds

Steeping Icon

Cold Brewing

For those who like iced tea

Cold brewing directions

Tea amount: 4 grams
Water amount and temperature: 12 ounces at room temperature
Steeping directions: Place in a jar in fridge overnight or 8-12 hours
Add ice and enjoy

Pairing Options

This tea goes great with the following pairings.

Breakfast Pairing

Creamy buttery grits with lightly toasted sliced wheat bread

Lunch Pairing

Flavorful persimmons with white chocolate or milk chocolate

Dinner Pairing

Mouth-watering vegetable pasta or lamb topped with sauteed onions mushrooms

Wine Pairing

Infused with zinfandel and a lavender scone