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We love sharing our story and promoting sustainability every change we get. Here are a few places we've been featured.

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Here's the tea : Aureal Ojeda wants her company to better the planet

We are excited to be featured in NNS

Here's a sample:

"It all started at her kitchen counter.  

Aureal Ojeda, 32, was overweight, prediabetic and losing her vision. She started drinking tea to replace the other foods and drinks she’d have throughout the day, and it became something more.

I started researching the different teas I was drinking and looking into the importance of tea and ingesting things from Mother Earth,” she said. “I became more appreciative of tea once I knew its benefits and history.” 

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Mother and son duo looking to help change the world one bag at a time

We were proud to be featured on CBS 58

Here's a small sample:

"MILWAUKEE (CBS 58) -- A construction worker, Aureal Ojeda has witnessed both the resurrection and destruction of buildings around the city of Milwaukee. She's also experienced the impact we as humans can have on Mother Earth.

"I wanted to make a difference," Ojeda said.

Ojeda wanted to help inspire others to make change using an item essential to her own health journey, tea. It was this inspiration that led to the construction of a new business, Outwoken Tea."

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Outwoken Tea spreads message of sustainability

We are excited to be featured in the Marquette Wire. 

Here's a sample:

"When you wake up in the morning, what is the first thing that you reach for? For people all around the world, the morning ritual of enjoying a warm cup of tea is the only way to set themselves up for having a productive day

Outwoken Tea, a sustainable tea brand based out of Milwaukee, hosted a tea-tasting event at the Wehr Nature Center in Franklin, WI, last Sunday. The star of the event was the Kenyan purple tea, which was paired with chocolates from Zachariah’s Chocolates, a craft chocolate shop in Mackinaw City, MI."


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FoodCrush Podcast: Good sustainable tea with Aurea Ojeda of Outwoken Tea

We were proud to be featured in On Milwaukee FoodCrush Podcast.

Here's a small sample:

"Did you know that all tea comes from the same plant? That “herbal tea” really isn’t tea at all? Do you know what gives Tumoi Purple Tea its vibrant color? Or what prompted a local construction worker to leave her job to found a sustainable tea company.

We’re answering those questions and more on this week’s podcast with Aureal Ojeda, founder of Outwoken Tea. During our conversation, Ojeda shares her entrepreneurial journey, tells us more about the mission of Outwoken Tea and drops a load of knowledge about unique teas, brewing methods and more, including her upcoming tea tasting classes at the Todd Wehr Nature Center.  "


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Kicks off tea tasting series with Wehr Nature Center

We are excited to be featured in The Shepherd Express Magazine.

Here's a sample:

"Aureal Ojeda, the founder of Milwaukee-based Outwoken Tea, is launching an educational tea-tasting series paired with chocolate. Intending to get people out of their homes and out socializing during winter, Ojeda created the events to educate people about tea facts and history. Guests will be guided through proper brewing techniques using a Chinese Kung Fu ceramic tea set. This ceremonial tea set, also called a gongfu, is a cultured utensil used for ritual preparation and tea presentation."

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Winter Tea Tasting Series at Wehr Nature Center

We were proud to be featured in On Milwaukee for our winter tea series at Wehr Nature Center.

Here's a small sample:

"There might be a chill in the air, but Aureal Ojeda, the founder of Outwoken Tea, is preparing to warm things up with a winter tea-tasting series in collaboration with the Wehr Nature Center, 9701 W. College Ave. in Franklin.

The series, which is appropriate for both tea enthusiasts and those curious to learn more about one of the world’s most ancient beverages, will kick off on Saturday, Jan. 21, with a class that pairs tea with select bean-to-bar chocolate."

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The Flight Of Banks

We were proud to be featured in Milwaukee Business Journal “The Flight of Banks."

Here's a small sample:

"Aureal Ojeda said she was rejected by four banks after she started Outwoken Tea by bootstrapping the business. The sustainability-focused merchant sells tea from farms around the world.

Ojeda said she was surprised to find herself rejected given her high credit score, a clean payment history and strong income from working in construction. Bankers, she said, told her they couldn’t lend to her because she lacked business credit history – which she was trying to establish with her application."


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Milwaukee Night Market Returns Wednesday

We were proud to be featured on TMJ4

Youtube Link Below

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Life & work with Aureal Ojeda

We are excited to be featured in Voyage Michigan!

Here's a small sample:

"Pivoting and innovation are skills I had to learn right away while opening during a pandemic. My original launch date was the day the government-mandated shutdowns."

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Outwoken Tea Uplifts Family Farms, Promotes Sustainability

We were proud to be featured in Shepherd Express

Here's a small sample:

"Ojeda researched tea culture and the health benefits. She works with families—not corporations—that are dedicated to environmentally safe farming practices and are transparent. “I also work with the Rainforest Alliance Certification Program and with small shareholders,” she says. 

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Outwoken Tea: Empowers Family-Owned, Sustainable Tea Farms

We are excited to be featured in the Natural Awakenings in Milwaukee and Chicago!

Here's a small sample:

" There were times I had to walk on top of the garbage piles,” she recalls. “I’ve seen the damage we do to the world because I was part of it.” Those experiences sent Ojeda on a quest to find a way to give back to the Earth."

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The Future of Tea : Aureal Ojeda from Outwoken Tea

We were proud to be featured in Commonstate

Here's a small sample:

"Aureal Ojeda doesn’t drink tea every day. For her, tea is something to be savored. It’s a ritual. Brew it slowly. Tend to the leaves with the respect they deserve. For Aureal, tea is a facilitator of connection—a dynamic beverage that plays wingwomen when you invite the people you know and love over for a meaningful conversation."

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Delectable Goods: Get to Know These One of a Kind Makers

We are excited to be featured in the One Of A Kind Spring Show and Blog!

Here's a small sample:

"Besides the horrible experience at the landfills, I'm inspired by my son. I want my son to have a green future and breathe clean air. Like any other mother, you want what's best for your child and are concerned about what the future holds. I knew I had to do what I could to show him that yes, as one person, you can make a difference. I would feel awful knowing I did nothing for his future when I could do something."

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Questions for a Real Life Superhero Working In Tea & Sustainability

We were proud to be featured in The Real Good Life.

Here's a small sample:

"I also want you to hear a little of her back story as we celebrate Women’s History Month.  Not only is Aureal tackling sustainability from her entrepreneurial seat, but she also works in the traditionally male-dominated industries of manufacturing and construction."

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Outwoken Tea CEO Joins The Truth In The Afternoon

We are excited to be featured on 101.7 the Truth.

Thankful to Have the opportunity to share my thoughts and experience with Dr. Ken Harris. Recently 101.7 just celebrated their year anniversary at No Studios and it was amazing. Glad to attend. 

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Holiday Gift Guide 2021: The Best Travel-Inspired Gifts For Women

We were proud to be featured in Forbes, “Holiday Gift Guide 2021: The Best Travel-Inspired Gifts For Woman"

Here's a small sample:

"For a variety of teas from different origins—African, Asian, or Columbian teas, purchase a Gift Box from Outwoken Tea that is completely biodegradable and compostable. All of the teas come from small tea farms located around the world, which means that your purchase will support farmers and their families. The traveler in your household will love the thoughtful gift, whether they sip hot tea at home, or bring some loose leaf teas in their luggage to far-flung destinations."

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Every Cup of Tea Makes An Impact

We are excited to be featured on the Morning Blend By TMJ4.

"Meet Aureal, the owner and founder of Outwoken Tea LLC in Milwaukee. Her fine tea is sourced from small farms in developing countries. When you support Outwoken Tea you support families, the environment, and a greener future."

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Thrive Global Logo

Ignore Naysaysers, Dream Big

We were proud to be featured in Thrive Global as part of its series, "dreamers who ignored the naysayers and did what others said was impossible."

Here's a small sample:

"With any entrepreneurial journey, you're going to get countless "no's" before you get one "yes." When I built Outwoken Tea, I wanted every aspect, including the packaging, to leave zero-waste behind. To my surprise, I couldn't find a manufacturer willing and able to provide compostable and biodegradable packaging.

I had one manufacturer respond to my packaging inquiry, saying, "Whatever you're doing, it will never be in demand, so you might as well close shop before you even get started."

Hearing this reconfirmed what I wanted to do with my business — to wake people up and bring awareness to our negative impact on the environment. This "no" inspired me to name the company "Outwoken Tea."

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Faces of Milwaukee, Sustainability Through Tea

We are excited to be featured in Milwaukee Magazine's Faces of Milwaukee 2021. The publication featured individuals who "represent the best of the best, which is why we deem them the Faces of Milwaukee." Here's a sample:

"Aureal decided that her business would do everything in its power to support families, improve the environment, and promote green ideals. She launched Outwoken Tea in June of 2020, sourcing a niche selection of tea from small farms in developing countries, creating circular economic growth. Her packaging is home compostable, plantable, high post-consumer use, and uses algae ink. Additionally, for every purchase of tea from Outwoken Tea, one tree is planted to help with reforestation.'

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Aureal and son featured in Faces of Milwaukee


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Nothing is impossible

We were proud to be featured in Authority Magazine!

Here's a small sample:

"My father always taught me that, as a strong minority woman, you will always have to work twice as hard as anyone else to get the same chance in life. He always told me to never compare myself to another person’s journey and built in me to work hard and to never depend on anyone else.

I would not be able to have come back from the rejection I have experienced without the lessons my father taught me when growing up. My dad raised me as a strong independent woman, and I’m grateful for the confidence and resiliency he instilled in me."

This upbringing has guided me and helped me walk in my own path with confidence.

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Black & Indigenous Owned Sustainable Businesses

We are thankful to be featured in this amazing round-up of great business owners making an impact by Reusable Nation. This publication featured individuals like Sisterworks, Kakadu Tiny Tots, Nappy Bunz, The Honey Pot, Skwalwen, Earth For all and so many more. As a whole, it is important to represent diversity and equity. There are many zero waste products to shop from within this article while supporting black and indigenous-owned businesses.

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11 Fair Trade & Zero Waste Tea Brands for Sustainable Sipping

We were proud to be featured in Conscious Life & Style digital media destination. Consciouse Life & Style includes inspiring holistic personal, community, and planetary wellbeing. There are many great brands within this article all trying to be as sustainable as possible.

When you have your next cup of tea think about the impact it's making. Think about if it came in plastic packaging or compostable packaging. Please try to be more intentional when you support different tea businesses. 

This article includes great tea brands including ourselves.

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Q&A With World Tea News

We are excited to be featured in World Tea News. The publication features questions like "what challenges do you face as a zero-waste business?"  Here's a sample:

"In addition to the journey it took to create zero-waste packaging, the biggest challenge is staying consistent. There’s truly no cutting corners in a zero-waste business. A lot of time is spent with my packaging; I’m constantly working to innovate and improve it, so as I continue to grow, it becomes easier to sustain."

Enjoy this great detailed write-up with a warm cup of tea.

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74 Mother's Day Gifts To Honor Them Everyday

We are so happy to be featured in this article in Buzzfeed for Mothers Day.

Mother's day is a very special day. Give your mother a fine loose leaf tea by us. A warm cup of tea thats healthy, sustainably packaged and women-owned. 

Make your mother happy with Outwoken Tea.

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How to raise eco-conscious kids

We are excited to be featured in Red Tricycle. The publication features questions like "what challenges do you face as a zero-waste business?" Here's a sample:

"Since it's impossible to limit using all of these things, teach kids how to make the most of a product. If you use paper products, use cardboard tubes and boxes for art projects. When printing at home or coloring, teach kids to use both sides of the paper."

Reduce, reuse, and recycle are habits that can be taught to our children. Children are our future so let's give them the best one we can.

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Where to buy tea in Milwaukee

We are so happy to be featured in Milwaukee Magazine for a great local article.

When searching for a quality cup of tea shopping local is always the best. Shopping local supports small businesses, families, and the community.

Enjoy a local brew that makes an impact.

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The environmentally and socially conscious brand you should know about

We are excited to be featured in Read this on your Coffee Break by Tori Long.

 Here's a sample:

"This pouch awoke me to how disturbing it was to see my feet buried in plastic waste. How sick I felt watching birds choke from eating plastic bottle caps. It was at this moment that I realized how we are only one piece of the puzzle of our ecosystem, yet we affect all of it in a negative way."

This was the moment of inspiration that laid the foundation for Outwoken Tea.

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Giving back to the Earth: One cup of tea at a time

We are so happy to be featured in Uncrowd for a great local article.

Launching a business in a pandemic isn't the easiest. There were moments we had to pivot in order to make it.

Heres a sample:

"After launching Outwoken Tea in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, she was forced to make a pivot early on. Early plans focused on B2B contracts with prominent businesses, but many backed out after shutdowns were announced in March."

Aureal’s 12-year-old son, Morello, sat next to her when she was opening these emails, “Of course, your reaction determines everything for them,” she says. Determined not to give up, she spent the next 2 months recreating her business targeted towards the B2C sector with an official public launch in June of 2020. 

The pandemic has given us resilience.

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Derek's Favorite MKE Things

We are excited to be featured in Derek's Favorite MKE Things in On Milwaukee. This article includes so many great local businesses. 

 Neon Milwaukee Art, Whiskey Old Fashioned Soy Candle, and Funky Fresh Spring Rolls are a few on the list. Check out this article and learn about some amazing local businesses to support. 

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Love Local MKE

We are so happy to be featured on B93.3 FM.

Inspiration comes from our journey in life. I chose to take my experiences and make something positive from it.

Here's a sample:

"My brand is my personal commitment to balance out the scale of damage. That’s why every purchase plants one tree. I support small farmers by directly sourcing from them. When you support Outwoken Tea, you support families, the environment, and a greener future." Stay #outwoken

Thank you so much B93.3 for supporting our small local business.

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What is Outwoken Tea? A step beyond 'woke,' environmentally

We are excited to be featured in the milwaukee journal sentinel. From the beginning of business to sourcing my tea this article dives deep.

Here's a sample:

"Packaging is the part that took a year. No manufacturer would manufacture it. My packaging is home-compostable. They all told me it is not in the market, not in demand. You won’t make money. How is the Earth not on the market?"

The Earth is always in demand and this is why we keep going. 

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Milwaukee's Outwoken Tea aims to heal the earth through green operations and small farms

We are so happy to be featured on 88.9 radio station by Olivia Richardson. This article discusses my health journey and why I chose tea.

Here's a sample:

"I was very overweight, I was about 220 pounds and currently I’m down at 160,” Ojeda says. “I lost a lot of weight, and in order to do that, I had to change my lifestyle. I had to change my habits, my mindset. I had to change everything in order for me to not become a diabetic and be sick and live this life I didn’t want to live. Tea was one of the drinks that I took up as a habit.”

Life is a journey and it's up to you to make it great.

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MKE Black Business Spotlight

We are excited to be featured in MKE Black business spotlight. We were asked why did we start our business and a few other great questions.

Here's a sample:

"Outwoken Tea is a good representation of how determination can take you a long way. Within my community I’m hands on with the youth teaching them how to grow their own food and why its important for their health. As a person I’m giving so my brand matches my values to give back to have a greener brighter future."

The energy we put in the universe is a reflection of our values.

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Heard of Outwoken Tea? Milwaukee New Business Brews Tea With a Cause

We are so happy to be featured in the Milwaukee Magazine. This is our first interview and we are so thankful. Heres a sample

“I went through a journey to live a long, healthy life,” Ojeda says, which included switching up her diet to include less meat and fewer sugary drinks. This is how she discovered the healing powers of tea."

It was such an honor to be featured in the Milwaukee Magazine and have our story shared with everyone.

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