Outwoken Tea Helps Our World

We strive to support family businesses, protect the environment, and promote social and environmental responsibility through our efforts.

Outwoken Tea partners with Plastic Free MKE to help reduce the single use plastic within Milwaukee. There are over 20 other businesses coming together to help tackle this issue. Plastic Free MKE offers a Lake Friendly certificate to business owners near the lake that have taken steps to eliminate their single use plastic.  Public awareness,  activism, educating and presenting are all key components that the members of Plastic Free MKE help with to achieve the mission.

We unite to fight for our community and the environment! Click here for more information.

Outwoken Tea partners with Milwaukee Riverkeeper to keep our rivers clean. Milwaukee Riverkeeper monitors the water within the rivers, holds annual reports, offers education, and performs community cleanups around the rivers.

Outwoken Tea has adopted a section of the river within our community. We organize community cleanups with the Milwaukee Riverkeeper to get the best participation to make a great impact. Click here for more information!

Our partnership with with One Tree Planted has planted more than 1,000 trees in places like Australia, Kenya, Mexico, Colombia and/or the Amazon. We couldn't be prouder of this partnership and continue to donate a portion of every purchase to planting a tree.

We also started a fundraiser with a goal to raise enough to plant 500 trees in California.  

Click here to join the movement to make a difference!

Outwoken Tea has partnered with Native Energy to offset our carbon footprint. Native Energy works with hundreds of organizations to develop authentic solutions to their sustainability challenges and implement community-scale projects that reduce greenhouse gas emissions, strengthen businesses, and contribute to progress around the world. 

Native Energy helps companies pursue Cradle to Cradle Certification. Cradle to Cradle Certified® is the global standard for products that are safe, circular and responsibly made. Native Energy also offers renewable energy credits, carbon tracking software, and carbon offsets.

Click here to learn more about Native Energy.

The Belgian climate action pioneer @CO2logic  announced it is joining South Pole, the leader in climate solutions and carbon project development! Together they are working towards a better future!

This partnership also created a way for the consumer to gain power to reduce their carbon footprint when they purchase an order online. This creates awareness and gives the consumer the opportunity to make an impact towards a #netzero emissions.

Click here to join the movement to make a difference!


Outwoken Tea incorporates environmental, economical, and social responsible practices in everything we do.

Outwoken Packaging
Compostable Packaging
95% Post Consumer
Compostable Packaging Icon
Plant Based Inks
Plant Based Inks


Every single step of creating this product was designed to have ZERO WASTE left behind:

  • Our boxes are 95% post consumer use, recyclable, and naturally biodegradable
  • Our inks are biodegradable and compostable algae ink 
  • All protective wrapping paper is SFI certified, naturally biodegradable, recyclable and made from renewable materials
  • Our tea bags are certified compostable made from FSC certified wood based cellulose, toxic free, non-GMO, and 97% renewable content made sustainably
  • Our tape is biodegradable, made from renewable plant based materials and rubber adhesives
  • Our shipping labels are certified compostable adhesive labels which use the Dymo label writer so there’s no ink needed.
  • Even the descriptive paper is plantable! Think of it as an extra gift that allows you to grow your own herbs/flowers!

Economic Growth

Each purchase positively impacts families from around the world:

  • Our teas are grown within environmentally responsible family farms
  • Our teas are sourced from economically depressed portions of China, Colombia, and Africa
  • Dollars that enter these communities are used to improve schools, farms, and communities
  • Our teas are packaged in the United States 
African Farmers Harvest Tea
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Plant Trees for the Future
Support Farmer Families

Social Sustainability

Outwoken Tea has made great local partnerships to sustain social sustainability.

  • Partnered with local coalition Plastic Free MKE to reduce single use plastic locally for a better environment.
  • Partnered locally with Milwaukee River Keepers, adopted a river within our community, and involved the community in clean ups.
  • Uplift other businesses that are also making an impact and spread awareness about them on our social media and word of mouth.
  • Outwoken Tea provides a free E-book with resources and information to help others live a sustainable life
  • Locally we have personally helped and inspired other businesses to improve their packaging, reduce their carbon footprint and plant trees.