Big Red Robe


Rich, smooth, great history and savory tea.

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Smoked oolong tea


Grown in Wuyishan, Fujian, China, within the Wuyishan ecological reserve. The specific name of this tea is QI Dan, and its grown 600 meters above elevation. This tea has won many awards for its great flavor from roasting techniques by the Li family. The Li family is also known for its sustainable farming and helping to preserve the land. According to a well known legend it is said that a farmer had saved an emperor’s wife, so he sent symbolic red robes to thank the farmer. With such honor, the farmer named the tea “Big Red Robe.”

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High Caffeine


Full bodied with spice

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2 oz.

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Farmers with Blue Hats

The Impact from Your Purchase

You are supporting the Li family who are suistainable farmers that grows tea within an ecological reserve. With your support they are able to continue to practice their sustainable farming methods as well as traditions that will be passed on.

To top things off every purchase plants one tree in efforts to help with reforestation.

Thank you for your support.

Brewing Options

There are several ways to brew this tea. Each style brings out different flavors. 

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Gongfu Brewing

Traditional Chinese Method

Gongfu brewing directions

Tea amount: 7 grams
Water amount and temperature: 6 ounces at 208 degrees
Steeping directions: 6 seconds
Resteeping directions: several times each infusion adding 10 seconds


Western Brewing

European Method

Western brewing directions

Tea amount: 1 teaspoon
Water amount and temperature: 6-8 ounces at 208 degrees
Steeping directions: 20 seconds
Resteeping directions: Resteep several times each infusion adding 10 seconds

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Cold Brewing

For those who like iced tea

Cold brewing directions

Tea amount: 4 grams
Water amount and temperature: 12 ounces at room temperature
Steeping directions: Place in jar in fridge overnight or 8-12 hours
Add ice and enjoy.

Pairing Options

This tea goes great with the following pairings.

Breakfast Pairing

Fresh thinly slices Asian pears, persimmons, and chunks of honeycomb

Lunch Pairing

Crunchy granola with chunks of milk chocolate

Dinner Pairing

Thai green curry with fresh herbs or tomato basil chicken pasta

Wine Pairing

Pinot Noir or infused white wine