Wild Bai Mu Dan


Slurp this sweet delicate tea while enjoying a pleasant aroma.

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White tea


The Wu family grows this tea 600 meters above elevation in Fujian. The second harvest is whats used to to make this artisan fine tea from buds. The wu family has been growing tea for many generations. They truly are stewards to the land. Their craft is all about non-intervention. They dont even use applied heat or firing to the tea. Unlike other teas this is grown wild and dried by fans from Mr. Wu’s engineering skills.

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Floral with hints of honey


Low Caffeine


very vegetal with minor spice like pine

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2 oz.

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The Impact from Your Purchase

Your purchase is helping to support the Wu family. The Wu family practices “non-intervention” methods to grow their tea giving you the most natural cup of tea. With your support the Wu family can continue to grow and teach about their methods spreading awareness. They are truly stewards to the land.

To top things off every purchase plants one tree in efforts to help with reforestation.

Thank you for your support.

Brewing Options

There are several ways to brew this tea. Each style brings out different flavors. 

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Gongfu Brewing

Traditional Chinese Method

Gongfu brewing directions

Tea amount: 5 grams
Water amount and temperature: 6 ounces at 208 F
Steeping directions: 10 seconds
Resteeping directions: Several times each time adding 10 seconds


Western Brewing

European Method

Western brewing directions

Tea amount:1 teaspoon
Water amount and temperature: 6-8 ounces at 208 F
Steeping directions: 40 seconds
Resteeping directions: Several times each infusion adding 10 seconds.

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Cold Brewing

For those who like iced tea

Cold brewing directions

Tea amount: 5 grams
Water amount and temperature: 12 ounces at room temperature
Steeping directions: Place in a jar in your fridge overnight or 8-12 hours
Add ice and enjoy

Pairing Options

This tea goes great with the following pairings.

Breakfast Pairing

Simple but sweet fruit parfait with bananas and juicy plums

Lunch Pairing

Luscious milk chocolate with sweet mangoes

Dinner Pairing

Roasted veggie sushie bowl or lemon and black pepper chicken with a zing

Wine Pairing

Mild champagne or white whine