If you like citrus you will love this South African rooibos with zest.

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Organic South African rooibos (Aspalathus Linearis)


Rooibos is a shrubby legume that is in fact indigenous to specific mountains of the western Cape’s Cedarburg region. Rooibos grows by itself in South Africa. Rooibos is sometimes considered a red tea but it’s actually a botanical since it doesn’t come from a tea plant. Rooibos is high in polyphenols which is a rich protective plant compound. It also believed that drinking rooibos daily may help protect against the oxidative damage that is associated with diabetes. Its also very high in antioxidant aspalathin which has shown in studies to help balance or regulate sugar levels in the blood and reduce insulin resistance.

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No Caffeine


Fresh, Full Bodied, some spice

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2.5 oz.

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African Farmers Harvest Tea

The Impact from Your Purchase

When you purchase African Rooibos imported from Malawi you are actively helping this family operated tea estate which is one of the last standing. The rest were bought by large corporates. This tea estate plays a big role in the community providing 5 clinics for free and assistants who check on the communities general health. They also provide scholarships to about 120 kids with RARE CHARITY. Reforesting every space and corner of the land and supporting smallholders is their passion.

To top things off every purchase plants one tree in efforts to help with reforestation.

Thank you for your support.

Brewing Options

There are several ways to brew this tea. Each style brings out different flavors. 

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Gongfu Brewing

Traditional Chinese Method

Gongfu brewing directions

Tea amount: 5 grams
Water amount and temperature: 6 ounces at 208 F
Steeping directions: 10 seconds
Resteeping directions: Several times each infusion adding 10 seconds


Western Brewing

European Method

Western brewing directions

Tea amount: 1 teaspoon
Water amount and temperature: 6-8 ounces at 208 F
Steeping directions: 3-5 minutes
Resteeping directions: several times each infusion adding 10 seconds

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Cold Brewing

For those who like iced tea

Cold brewing directions

Tea amount: 5 grams
Water amount and temperature: 12 ounces at room temperature
Steeping directions: Place in jar in fridge overnight or 8-12 hours
Add ice and enjoy.

Pairing Options

This tea goes great with the following pairings.

Breakfast Pairing

Sweet peaches, crisp apples, and soft chewy prunes.

Lunch Pairing

Fluffy waffles and real maple syrup.

Dinner Pairing

Buttery roasted lamb and herbs or roasted eggplant with garlic brussel sprouts.

Wine Pairing

Zinfandel and Merlot wines