Bold Blue

Black Tea with Butterfly Pea Flower

Enjoy a refreshing blue tea that changes colors with fresh squeezed lemons!


Bold Blue is Black Tea sourced from China mixed with Butterfly Pea Flower from Thailand.  Butterfly pea flowers have many benefits. The flower is rich in antioxidants. The lemongrass helps with reducing swelling, reduces fevers, and helps women stimulate the uterus and menstrual flow. Peppermint will soothe your throat and ease you physically. If you’re stressed or have tense shoulders unwind with this blend of herbs and tea. Add a squeeze of lemon and enjoy the mesmerising colors change.   


Tasting Profile


Earthy subtle sweetness 


Full bodied 


Crisp smooth refreshing



Breakfast : creamy grits with wheat toast 

Brunch : Persimmons white chocolate or milk chocolate  

Dinner : Vegetable pasta or lamb topped with sauteed onions mushrooms

Wine  : Infused with zinfandel and a lavender scone



Your support helps the farmers continue their tradition. With your support these farmers are able to take care of their families and have hope for a better future. Remember every purchase plants one tree in efforts to help with reforestation for a greener future!


2.5 ounces 

20-25 servings based on strength preferences

Loose leaf tea


Steeping Techniques


1 teaspoon  

6-8 ounces of water at 208° degrees fahrenheit

3 to 4 minutes steep (longer for deeper flavor, but no longer than 5 minutes)

resteep up to 2-3 times each time adding 10 seconds



5 grams

6 ounces of water at 208 Fahrenheit

steep 10 seconds

resteep several times adding 10 seconds each steep


Iced or cold 

4 grams of tea per 

12 ounces of room temperature water

Place in a jar in your fridge overnight or at least 8-12 hours

Add ice and enjoy 



Butterfly pea flower, organic lemongrass, organic peppermint, organic black tea, organic mango.

Contains caffeine* 

* – If nursing or pregnant please contact a doctor before use.*





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