Purple Kenyan Tea is the new Green tea ! (Little Known)

Purple Kenyan Tea

Move on over green tea there is a new sherif in town straight from Kenya and she’s big bold and purple!If you haven’t heard by now purple tea has come to the U.S.A. and Outwoken tea can give you a taste of what you’ve been missing out on!

Where does Purple Tea Come From?

All the way from India this beautiful purple tea was discovered. Samples of the bush was given to Kenya and for many years they studied this tea and finally was successful! In 2011 small scale Kenyan farmers in the Nandi Hills region were given purple tea and words of advice. They were told to grow this on their land and within five years they should be able to sale it.

Purple Kenyan Tea Health Benefits

Since this tea is grown 6,000 ft or more above elevation its levels of antioxidants are extremely high. Purple tea has a higher amount of antioxidants with a rate of 51% vs green tea at 33%. Such high levels of antioxidants have been known to help fight cancer. This purple tea gets its color from anthocyanin which is also found in other purple powerful foods like blueberries.

Purple Kenyan Tea and Brain Health

Purple tea has been used as an extract. This extract has been used to help improve your brain health. This extract is under study to help with people with amnesia and dementia. The anthocyanin helps the brain reinforce or improve by increasing the antioxidants. Cognitive function is also increased from this.

Purple Kenyan Tea and Weight Loss

For those of you who are having issues with weight loss purple tea may help. The levels of catechins found in purple tea help with increasing your metabolism. Drinking this first thing in the morning can help start your appetite. Like most teas purple tea helps to detoxify your liver which helps to rid of unwanted fat.


Purple kenyan  Tea is Amazing

This amazing tea has so many health benefits some would say its truly the medicine one should keep in the cabinets. To list a few more it has anti-inflammatory properties, anti-tumor properties, and helps promote health for skin and hair. This purple powerful tea not only taste great but is great for your health!

By Aureal owner and founder of Outwoken Tea

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