Why Outwoken Tea Doesn’t Sell “English” Black Tea


There is a big reason why Outwoken Tea doesn’t source any “English Black Tea.”

This is definitely an eye-opener for some.

So, get yourself a nice cup of tea to sip while I spill the knowledge.

English Black Tea is Not English

Did you know that English Black doesn’t come from England at all? The name English Black Tea was actually coined in 1843 by an Englishman name Richard Davies who lived in New York at the time (source).

Mr. Davies started founded the Canton Tea Company and didn’t find success until he started experimenting with his own blends of tea. His English Black Tea was a mixture of Congou Tea from the Fujian province of China with Golden Orange Pekoe and Pouchong Teas.  

Being a clever salesman, he named this tea English Breakfast and said it was the most popular drink in England to drink. Everyone wanted a taste of English fine tea, but what they didn’t know was it wasn’t English at all.

Mr. Davies created his own market and a legend that lives on to today.

Why Is Diversity Important?

The unknown is often feared, and it is my goal to build greater awareness around tea. Outwoken Tea sources tea from all over the globe, so people can experience the diversity of tea from the world.

I talk to many people at events who have never even heard about Purple tea from kenya and likely would have never tried it if Outwoken Tea didn’t sell it. Their eyes light up the moment I pour a cup and they see the rich colors. I enjoy watching them take their first sip and seeing the smile spread across their face.

That excitement is why tea diversity is so important. Not only are you trying something new from small tea farmers in developing countries, but you are opening your mind!

English Black Tea is available practically everywhere, but Citrus Globe Puerh isn’t, Chocolate Besos isn’t, nor is Best Of Both Worlds. I promise you that these three teas are much better!

Why Is Inclusivity Important?

Most farmers in developing countries don’t have the same resources or opportunities as farmers in the Western world. They have many disadvantages against them like lack of export resources, a language barrier, scarce food conditions, lack of business knowledge, and lack of funding.

Outwoken Tea supports these farmers to provide inclusivity and awareness to tea drinkers. I truly believe that we are all intertwined and connected. I also believe that it’s a part of my purpose and everyone else’s’ purpose to help each other and lift one another up.

This is my small way of expanding people’s mindsets to hopefully create a greater good. Without a world mindset, we cannot correct problems like world hunger, climate change, human trafficking, and poverty. I strongly believe that if we support one another and care to understand each other from an open mindset, we can achieve anything. Without diversity and inclusivity, we are missing major pieces to the puzzle.

Thank you so much for taking the time out of your day to read my blog. I truly hope this was insightful.

Don’t ever be afraid to tell your truth. Always keep in mind that we are all human and all humans deserve a chance to be seen and heard.

Stay #outwoken