What Eco Friendly Products Are Better Than The Original Ones

How Can We Be More Green 2020?

Hello to all and welcome to my blog.Within this blog I will talk about eco friendly brands that are better than the original products. They are innovative and definitely making a great impact for the environment.


Lush is a great cosmetic brand helping to reduce waste and use all natural ingredients. Instead of putting shampoo in a plastic bottles they formed it into a bar so no need for plastic bottles. They also encourage customers to return the plastic containers and in return receive a free face mask (love for the environment). They are definitely better than the original liquid soap that comes in plastic bottles, full of toxic chemicals, and not eco friendly or good for the environment in any way. Next time you shop for cosmetics keep Lush in mind!



How Does Eco Friendly Products Help The Environment?

Featheris a brand that simply amazed me. For those of you who may move a lot or just want to change up the style of your home in a rental Feather is for you and the environment. Feather allows you to rent furniture and when your done you return it to them instead of it ending up in a landfill. Trust me when I tell you there are more new furniture in landfills than old used furniture just because people want something else. Not being aware of their consumption and how their waste affects the environment. Feather is helping with reducing new furniture in the landfills and fulfilling people’s need to keep up with trends. They have definitely found a way to be eco friendly and affordable.

Why Eco Friendly Is Important?

Almost everything comes in plastic from our toothbrush packaging,(check out Bite) the toothbrush itself and the plastic bag we use to carry the tootbrush home we just purchased. Eventually this plastic ends up somewhere. A lot of it ends up in the ocean destroying the homes of different sea creatures. Some of it ends up in the landfills which are endless mountains of garbage that will be around for thousands of years. It is important that as consumers we specifically support brands that are supporting the environment and making an effort to be more eco friendly. If we want to have clean air, clean water and a green future it’s inevitable to make change. Did you know that a manufacturing facility which creates plastic puts out 3 pounds of carbon dioxide for one pound of plastic? We are breathing this in which can lead to asthma, bronchitis, lung disease and even death. Our health depends on us to be eco friendly.

What Is Eco Friendly Innovation?

4Ocean is a great company that is cleaning the coastlines and the ocean in different locations with innovative technology. When you purchase one bracelet from their website they use these funds to remove at least one pound of plastic from the ocean. 4Ocean truly cares about the environment. They are equipped with the great technology to clean up plastic from the ocean. They also take matters into their own hands and dive in the ocean to remove plastic. So far they have removed 7,436, 786 pounds of plastic since 2017. They also donate 1% of their profit to For The Planet. Next time you want a new bracelet or needs bags think of 4ocean!

How Can I Be Eco Friendly?

These are just a few of many brands that are taking the initiative with helping the environmet. I encourage you to investigate. Read about brands before your purchase from the. Make better choices and try to consume only what you need. Remember that micro actions lead to macro results if we all join the movement of being eco friendly!

By Aureal owner and founder of Outwoken Tea


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