Thrive Global

Im truly thankful and honored to be featured in Thrive Global. This is a great article on Outwoken Tea and a deeper dive to how I’ve achieved goals even through hard times. Thrive Global is a great organization that is innovative to help people in so many ways.

“This was really our mission meeting the moment,” Huffington said in an interview. “Let’s use this moment to actually reimagine work.”

At thrive their mission is to create a balance at work without employees becoming burnt out. Creating a new way activating cultural change.  This includes an app called Thrive, micro-learning programs, live experience and custom insights and analytics.

Face Of Sustainability For Milwaukee 2021

Milwaukee Magazine

“These individuals represent the best of the best, which is why we deem them the Faces of Milwaukee. Read about them here, then seek out their services.” (Milwaukee Magazine, 2021)

Truly thankful for being nominated the Face Of Sustainability Of Milwaukee. This has been a great journey. Im trully thankful for all the support that I’ve recieved a long the way.  Serving this mission has given me the opportunity to meet amazing people. Truly thankful. Please take a moment to read this great article written by EVERETT SULLIVAN

Authority Magazine

Truly thanful to share my story about my entreprenurial journey with Authority Magazine. Authority Magazine, a Medium publication, is devoted to sharing interesting “thought leadership interview series” featuring people who are authorities in Business, Pop Culture, Wellness, Social Impact, and Tech. They use interviews to draw out stories that are both empowering and actionable.

Don’t let the naysayers determine your outcome. You can, you will and you must! Enjoy the read and learn what inspired me to push forward.

Reusable Nation

This article is amazing. Im so thanful for Reusable Nation putting this together. Reusable Nation is a space where those who reuse are celebrated, not scoffed at! There are many zero waste products to shop from within this article while supporting black and indigenouse owned businesses.  Truly thankful for being featured within this article with such amazing entrepreneurs making an impact. This is resourceful and a great read.

Conscious life & style

Conscious Life & Style is a great digital media destination inspiring holistic personal, community, and planetary wellbeing. We explore ways to create a better, more sustainable and equitable future for fashion — and the world — with resources that support a mindful lifestyle, curations of environmentally and socially-responsible lifestyle brands, and deep dives into systemic challenges in fashion (and beyond) alongside inspirational solutions. Im so thankful she did a review on Outwoken Tea. Its a great read!

World Tea News

Thankful for such a great write up on Outwoken Tea by  World Tea News written by Aaron kiel.  He did such a great job going into detail about our environmental aspect as well as what our inspiration was to start Outwoken Tea. This article is a nice read to go with a warm cup of tea to relax and unwind. Check it out!

Buzz Feed

It is such an honor to be placed with so many great brands on this list by Buzz Feed.  This list shows so many gifts to honor mothers every day especially on Mother’s day. Check it out!

Red Tricycle

Truly thankful to have Outwoken Teas’ article in the Red Tricycle!!  This article discusses the importance of parents educating their children to be eco-conscious. As parents it’s a part of our role to educate our children on this topic so they can have a greener future as well as a healthy future. Children are the future of the world so why not raise them to love our home Mother Earth. (link below)

Milwaukee Magazine

Truly honered to be ranked by Milwaukee Magazine as one of the top  tea businesses in milwaukee.   Check out the amazing list of these local amazing tea businesses!

Tori Long

Truly thankful for Tori Long creating a blog about Outwoken Tea. She is a lifestyle blogger based in Louisville, KY. She has great blogs that you can sip to on your lunch break.  I really enjoyed her style of writting. This artical is about a 25 minute read. Enjoy



Published by Zealous advertising

Truly honored to be on Uncrowd’s platform and have my story shown to many people. Uncrowd is dedicated to cutting inefficiencies in the fundraising process while bringing visibility to underrepresented founders. Uncrowd is a platform where founders raise capital due to the merits of their startup, not because of their personal connections. They are making it easy for investors to find deserving startups overlooked by their normal deal flow. Zealous advertising is a great agency that collaborated with Uncrowd to share the storeis of founders. Together they are trying to share a new story every week by a new founder.  Article below.

On Milwaukee

Truly thankful to be selected as one of Derek Mosley’s Favorite Things. Derek is a well known judge here in Milwaukee. He was nominated as Milwaukeean of the year for 20202. On Milwaukee is a great media business that gives the latest updates on things going on in Milwaukee. Glad On Milwaukee highlighted Derek’s Favorite Things. Check out the link below and learn more about great local entrepreneurs!

B93.3 love

November 9,2020

Hello everyone! Thanks to 93.3 I will be on the radio all week.

Thank you so much for such a great opportunity for spreading awareness about my small local business here in Milwaukee! Listen in!

Milwaukee Journal Sentinal

November 6,2020

Extra extra read all about it!

The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel gave me a great opportunity to have an article in the Sunday newspaper! I’m so excited! If you have the moment to read this (link below)  by Kristine M. Kierzek it’s a great read.

Truly thankful for such a great article.

Radio Milwaukee 88.9

September 24, 2020

Olivia Richardson did a great job telling my personal journey and how Outwoken Tea happened. This is my first time on the radio and I couldn’t picture it any other way.

Such a great radio station 88nine supporting local artists and small businesses. Support local!

MKE Black

July 31,2020

Thank you so much MKE Black for highlighting me all week! So much love so much support!

MKE Black is an organization supporting local Black-owned businesses within Milwaukee. They are supporting businesses every week for free and promoting them on their social platforms. Thank you MKE black.

Milwaukee Magazine

July 17,2020

Kristine Hansen did a great job on Outwoken Teas’ very first article! Such an honor to be in the Milwaukee Magazine with a well-written article on the humble beginning of Outwoken Tea.

Take a moment and kick back your feet with a warm cup of tea while reading this interesting article.

Outwoken Small Farm Teas