What drove me to create Outwoken Tea

I’ve always had a passion for tea and natural things that come from the earth. I thought, what if I could create a product that wouldn’t just be healthy for people but also healthy for the earth?

When Inspiration Hit Me… Literally

​I’ve been a construction worker for close to a decade and have seen how we negatively affect our world. I’ve watched diesel and other harmful chemicals go into our water. I’ve seen how construction materials are left to blow away or are thrown away. I’ve stood on top of mountains of garbage after dumping new furniture into landfills. We keep creating waste and the mountains of trash just get bigger.

One day, as I stood upon a mountain of trash, a plastic pouch smacked me in the face!

This pouch awoke me to how disturbing it was to see my feet buried in plastic waste. How sick I felt watching birds choke from eating plastic bottle caps. It was at this moment that I realized how we are only one piece of the puzzle of our ecosystem, yet we affect all of it in a negative way.



Economic Sustainability

  • Specifically source tea from small farmers in developing countries supporting their economic growth as well as ours creating a circular economic growth
  • Most of our packaging is U.S.A made
  • We collaborate with local businesess

Social Sustainability

  • Partnered with local Coalition Plastic Free MKE to reduce single use plastic locally for a better environment.
  • Partnered locally with Milwaukee River Keepers and adopted a river in the community and will organize community clean ups to get the community involved.
  • Partnered locally with Act greenway which incentiveses people to be green by rewarding them a discount on purchases. Outwoke tea provides a 10% discount through Act Greenway for people being green.
  • Uplift other businesses that are also making an impact and spread awareness about them on our social media and word of mouth.
  • We provide a free E-book with resources and information to help others live a sustainable life.

Environmental Sustainability

  • All of our packaging is home compostable, plantable, high post consumer use and plastic free.
  • Every single purchase plants one tree in efforts to help with reforestaion to help restore the environment
  • We have offset our carbon foot print for shipping and recieveing thanks to Native Energy
  • All flyers and any advertisement is made from 100% post consumer use paper with water based inks.
  • Home office will soon have solar panels! Update coming soon.
Outwoken Small Farm Teas