What Makes Outwoken Tea Different?

I will inform on the many reason why Outwoken tea is so amazing. Outwoken tea is not your average cup of tea and doesn’t plan on being average either!

At Outwoken Tea we support families, the environment, and a greener future

Outwokens’ first priority is to create a difference for the better! The packaging tube that is used for our products is sustainable with a 95% post consumer use. The labels are made with certified compostable ink for home and industrial. This ink also allows for smaller production runs to reduce waste and reduce the negative impact on the environment. Even the shipping boxes are 100% post consumer use with one of the most sustainable inks made from algae!  There is no plastic at all with our products!

Artisan Tea

The teas that I specifically selected are artisan batches either directly sourced from the farmers, fair trade or benefit their economy. Supporting small tea farmers allows them to support their family and traditions in growing their teas. When you buy from Outwoken tea your supporting families not a corporation. Most of the teas are grown in an ecological reserve or on protected land which provides you the best tea from Mother Nature high up in the mountains. These teas have higher antioxidants, pesticide free, and get fresh spring water from the mountains. Some of the farmers also use sustainable farming techniques to help reserve the land.
Why Outwoken Tea???


Most tea sachets that you put in your cup are toxic. Most are either plastic which is harmful when heated, bleached or contain chemicals. Also the habit of single use items isn’t the best especially for the environment. This is why we use loose leaf. This way not only can you re-steep your cup of tea many times but you reduce your carbon footprint as well.

Why is it important to educate about the environment?

In order for us to be better as a whole we must educate. The only way to educate is by spreading the knowledge and creating awareness. By creating awareness people can become more conscious about the environment and how we affect it. There is a problem with the way we consume and dispose. This is why people who don’t even buy from us will receive a free e-book on how to to help reduce waste. The mission is to create a better world for all living creatures, because we all affect one another somehow someway. If you don’t believe me read about how the fish we eat has micro plastic in them from the plastic we throw away and gets into the ocean.

At Outwoken tea we have standards. Standards for our packaging. Standards that support families. Standards that reduce the carbon footprint we leave behind. Join Outwoken tea by helping to follow these standards!

By Aureal owner adn founder of Outwoken Tea


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