Sticky Rice Pu’erh



Harvested in Yunnan Province, sun dried then placed into piles like compost piles. This step allows bacteria to ferment the tea. This step is called “wo dui” (moist track) which is the most important part and this is where the tea grows into its character within time. Its blended with an herb called Nuo Mi Xiang that gives it that rice flavor. One bold but smooth cup with a history that sticks to each leaf of the Pu-erh and lives on through the trades and craftsmen and woman who cultivate it with their ancestors technique.  First pour boiling water over the tea quickly one time. This will wake the tea and give you the full potential for an aromatic cup of tea!  To learn more about Pu-erh please read my blog

Steeping instructions – 1 puerh cake for 16 oz water at 205 degrees. steep for 3-5minutes (10 puerh cakes per order)

Flavor Profile

Aroma:  Earthy

Flavor: Full bodied nutty

Overal: Intense savory with sticky rice flavor


Breakfast: Asian pears, persimmons, and berries

Brunch: butter scone with dark chocolate

Dinner: Vegan spicy tempeh stir fry or chipotle chicken with brown rice

Wine: Pinot Noir or Champagne

The Impact of Your Purchase

You are supporting the farmers that grow the tea. With your support they are able to continue to practice their historical farming methods as well as traditions that will be passed on. Remember each purchase plants one tree in efforts to help with reforestation.

Servings per unit

10 Pu-erh cakes appoximately 5 grams each

Steeping instructions

Gongfu style

  • 5 grams (one Pu-erh cake)
  •  10 ounces of  at 208 degrees
  • steep for 20 seconds
  • resteep several times adding 10 seconds each steep


  • 5 grams (one Pu-erh cake)
  • 16 ounces water 208 degrees
  • Steep 2 minutes
  • Resteep several times adding 10 seconds each steep

 Iced or Cold

  • 5 grams (one Pu-erh cake)
  • 12-16 ounces room temperature water
  • Place in a jar in your fridge overnight or at least 8-12 hours
  • Add ice and enjoy.


Stick Rice Shou Pu’erh

*Contains caffeine

*If nursing or pregnant please contact a doctor before use.*
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