10 unknown facts about tea that you didn’t know ! !

From who consumes the most tea in the world to where it comes from. A million dollar tea to what gives it the colors once we get it! Read below for these interesting facts! Welcome to my blog !!!!


Green tea, black tea, and white tea all come from the same plant. This is crazy right but it’s true. If you’ve ever seen a fresh fruit go bad and change colors this is a similar process with tea. The more oxidation the darker the color. Of course the black tea has had the most oxidation and the white tea the least. Pretty cool!


Not all tea called tea is tea! This is a catastrophe! There is an impostor! Yes I dare say it! HERBAL TEA!! Even though it taste so good it truly doesn’t have any tea. This is mainly a blend of different herbs and spices. Stay #Outwoken


True tea connoisseurs don’t like the tea bag? I know what you’re thinking. This tea bag is so convenient and isn’t as timely as steeping loose leaf tea. I know but, the bag itself doesn’t allow the leaves to expand and release all of it’s potent benefits and aroma. So the bag is a drag!


Legend says that emperor Shen Nung invented tea! This chines emperor saw a leaf blow into a bowl of hot water. He noticed the water change color and that’s how we have tea. I’m guessing he tried this again and kept tasting it and thought it was a good flavor.


The Turkish definitely know what is good! They drink the most tea in the world. It looks like I need to go to turkey and enjoy a nice cup of tea with them!


 Coming in at 1.2 million dollars per kilo is possibly the worlds’ most expensive cup of tea. It’s name Da-Hong-Pao tea. This original Oolong tea from the few of the last original plants has been kept up to part by the same married couple for 25 plus years in Wuyishan. These long leaves are twisted sideways, pan fried to stop oxidation and than finally baked . I give credit to this couple for keeping this tea tradition going. Wow talk about a commitment.


There are no accidents I suppose well maybe one or two. Thomas Sullivan tried to find a way to give out small samples to his customers of his tea. Instead of people removing the tea bag steeping it separately they threw it in the pot all together. Thomas forgot to tell them to remove it from the bag. From this accident the tea bag was invented in 1908.


For up to two years or possibly longer loose leaf tea can keep it’s freshness. You must remember to keep loose leaf tea away from light and moisture. This will affect it’s freshness!



Just like how whine pairs with certain food tea is believed to pair with foods too. Why can’t you throw a tea party and pair it with certain foods to enhance the experience? I like to pair a nice cup of black tea with my breakfast and you might like it too.


Richard Blechynden wasn’t going to let a heat wave stop him from selling his tea! He innovated and put ice in his tea to give possible customers a nice cold drink on a hot day. Wallah! Iced tea was made in 1904 at the World’s Fair in St.Louis. Talk about determination and innovation.

Thank you for reading my 10 interesting facts about tea. I will continue to spill the knowledge!

By Aureal owner and founder of Outwoken Tea


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