What are eco-friendly alternatives to single use plastic? (UNDENIABLE)

What is the alternative to plastic water bottles?


Simple innovations like boxed water is a great step forward to reducing and replacing plastic bottles!There is so much room for innovation.
  • Refillable stainless steel bottles
  • Bamboo bottles which is renewable and the fasted growing plant in the world!
  • Instal or use a water purification system at home to fill your bottles
  • Contact your city and ask them for the routes that have water bottle filling stations so you can keep this in mind when your out and about

How do you choose eco friendly options?

Whenever given the option at the store to choose paper or plastic always choose paper. Paper bags will break down a lot faster than plastic bags. The average single use plastic bag that’s used in most grocery stores takes at least 1,000 years to degrade! This means it will be around for generations to come. Keep that in mind.


How can we stop single use plastic?

Switch to loose options instead of single serve. Most teas and single use coffee come in plastic. When you purchase tea and coffee in bulk not only do you save money but you reduce the amount of plastic you waste(eco friendly). If you must have your tea on the go shop responsibly at Tea Pigs, Outwoken Tea, Twinnings, Pukka Herbs, and Co-Op since their tea bags don’t contain plastic!

What are micro beads made of?

Boycott micro beads! Are you aware that these micro-beads are made of plastic?(not eco friendly) So many items like toothpaste, face exfoiliations, body wash and even some laundry detergent contains micro beads.

How are micro beads harmful?

The micro-beads are found in so many beauty products. The problem with these micro-beads is the fact they are so small that they pass through the water plants and end up in the ocean and other streams of water. The fish eat these micro-beads as well as other marine animals. Eventually they die from consuming too much plastic. When these fish are caught and eaten we eat the micro-beads. It’s a vicious circle!

How we can reduce reuse and recycle?

Bring your own things. Bring your own bottle with you and refill it instead of buying a plastic water bottle for on the go. Take a garment bag with you to stores that you go shopping to reduce the single use pollution. Have containers pre-packed with food for on the go so you don’t need to buy plastic packaged food. Look around your home and find containers that you can re-use like a paper tube. Take this tube to your office and fill it with pens, pencils, paper clips and highlighters. There are so many things you already have in your home that you can bring with you to reduce or replace plastic to be eco friendly. Start making little habits like this and you will be surprised with how much plastic you reduce and how much money you will save. Being eco friendly may take a mind shift but is definitely worth it. Lets think smart and make better choices and stay #outwoken

By Aureal Owner and founder of Outwoken Tea


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