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Hello everyone and welcome to my blog! Im goin to dig in discuss Pu-erh tea and the different kinds of Pu-erh tea. Get a sip of knowledge.

 Pu’erh Tea?

Citrus Pu’erh tea is tea that is stuffed inside a tangerine. Yes that’s right a citrus tangerine!

Pu’erh Tea is one of the most widely consumed drinks in the world.


Pu’erh tea is created with fermented leaves

There are two types of Pu’erh tea.


Raw (Sheng) Pu’erh tea

Raw Pu-erh Tea is made from non-fermented green tea leaves that are picked, roasted quickly, and then sun dried. Then the leaves are steamed to form cakes and aged to perfection. Raw Pu’erh Tea can be aged up to 50 years.


Ripe (Shou) Pu’erh tea.  

Ripe Pu’erh Tea goes through all the same steps as raw, but there is one more step added which changes everything. Right before the leaves are steamed into cakes, they are piled up to the tea masters preference and wetted down just like a compost pile. This allows bacteria to ferment the tea. This step is called “wo dui” (moist track) which is the most important part.


The wo dui step is where the ripe pu’erh tea grows into its full character within time. After a few months of fermenting, the tea is then steamed pressed and aged for years. The longer its aged the higher the price. It’s usually aged up to 10 years.


The history behind the Pu’erh Tea!

According to historical data during the Tang Dynasty (618-907) teas from Yunnan were being transported northwards through the Yunnan Province. The tea gets its name from the city Pu’erh in the Yunnan Province because it was the main location for trade.


During this time frame transporting these teas took anywhere from 6-8 months. The tea was packed high on men’s backs for transporting along the rocky winding narrow roads to the Tibetan Plateau. During the travel to Tibet the weather conditions changed from rainy to humid to hot or cold. It is these changing weather conditions that affected the tea. Microorganisms were activated which started a slow process of fermentation. The tea became more mellow and less astringent. Fruity notes and smoother characteristics came from the aged teas. Once this was realized, the demand for Pu’erh exploded.


Why Pu-erh Tea is stuffed in a Tangerine

A scholar leaving Yunnan in the Qing dynasty took some Pu’erh with him on a long journey home but became sick upon reaching his hometown. His staff made him a traditional drink of hot water and tangerine peel. He used the same drink and added some of his Pu’erh and was amazed by the combination and flavor. Later he realized the tea would store well within the tangerine and give the tea the same flavor he experienced before when he was sick. This tea has a bold flavor with an aroma to please your nose and fill your kitchen with warmth

Health benefits of Pu-erh Tea

There are many health benefits from drinking Pu’erh tea since it contains different components. Pu’erh tea contains vitamins, caffeine, amino acids, polyphenols, purine alkaloids which are beneficial for the nervous system.

Tea in general is believed to help with weight loss, regulate blood lipids, is antimicrobial, and full of antioxidants which fight diseases. Many studies have found that tea has anticancerogenic activities and contains properties to help with digestion issues.

Overall Pu’erh tea is healthy for you, but too much of anything is bad. Do not over consume this drink. If you’re sensitive to caffeine, only drink Pu-erh tea once a day or every other day. I do not recommend drinking the tea after 5 pm.


I hope you enjoyed learning about Pu’erh and the history behind the tea!

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